Excellent tips to overcome stress during interview

Author: Suresh Stalin

In this article for those who are seeking for job, Here are some valuable tips to overcome/handle stress while attending or during interviews.

Candidates who are seeking for job are subjected to Stress before & after interview

Before Entering in to the Interview venue take a deep breath, relax yourself,

Clean your mind. Never think of anybody else about their talent, qualification      or any other it may be.  Think about yourself & focus on it. Don’t forget to have a smile on your face. Don’t expect or predict yourself an outcome because it’ll lead to stress once the result goes out of your expectations.

If you’ve attended any interview’s earlier make a list of results by analyzing  yourself for not being able to crack the previous one. The above process will reduce your stress to an extend & If you work on those defects you’ll get a relaxed mind set and that will lead to a stress free mind.

If the above statements are  true, automatically you’ll have a smiling face & guts to answer the interviewer’s questions. As mentioned above have a smiling face the interviewer always prefers it. The first impression from you is the best impression so maintain a gentle smile on your face. If you failed to do so even if you are technically strong you cannot able to create an impact on interviewer to select you. Try to ask some questions related to the job you are applying for to the interviewer. If you ask a lot of questions related to your job during the questionnaire time you will find yourself in a manageable position to crack that level of interview and also creates a good impression on interviewer.

Dressing also a plays a vital role in stress. Make sure that your dress code matches the companies standards. Every one you meet from receptionist till to the interviewer (HR) will create an impression on you. Proper & good choice of dressing impresses the interviewer or else you’ll be finding yourself the way for exit from the interview.

Show your confidence by maintaining an eye contact during the interview, which is impressive too.    While entering to the interview venue don’t think that this job will decide your future,  even if you failed to succeed you’ll get many jobs like this.

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